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Beta 2.0 Cohort | January 2023

Create an environment that fosters ACCOUNTABILITY.


Learn how to ENGAGE your employees emotionally and intellectually.


Build a solid foundation for WELL-BEING and SUCCESS.


Only one out of three employees are engaged.




Engagement alone can increase profitability by twenty-one percent, on average.


Three out of four employees are considering leaving the company.


About CONVOshop

CONVOshop puts conversation and collaboration first.

Unlike most facilitator-led workshops where the expert dominates the conversation, CONVOshop experts foster thought-provoking dialogue among participants and use insightful questions and experience to help bring potential hidden challenges to light and offer practical solutions.

CONVOshop sessions have the feel of a mastermind group meshed with expert-led group coaching. Traditional facilitation is used sparingly and predominately in the initial "onboarding" phase.

Our Why

To be the solution that keeps on giving and end the cycle of inadequate soft skills training that yields little to no ROI.


When we solve the root of our people problems, i.e., lack of awareness, fix mindset, and destructive feedback loops, it generates a ripple effect that can be seen, felt, and measured.

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Interested in Joining Our Beta Cohort?

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"I didn't go into this [program] having the highest of expectations and found myself pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed how the program was explained and the exercises we did. ... I have been struggling with work (managing a short-staffed program), my personal life (ending of a relationship) and my own mental health (depression and anxiety). All of this wearing me down before I even get out of bed. These tools acquired instantly helped me organize my thoughts. These are the kinds of things that help you carry on through the days and I appreciated, not only the timing of this program, but what I gained and can share with my co-workers. People have battles that no one can see... the skills (and intellect) of this program are valuable life skills."


Name changed for privacy.


Program Outcomes

Improved morale, quality relationships, and engagement.

Develop a healthy mentality that fosters a willingness to take accountability for one's mistakes and the ability to influence others to do the same.

Increase your team's performance and productivity.

Reduced resistance allowing for states of flow, collaboration, and effective time management.

Increased self-confidence through personal mastery.

Reduced stress and anxiety and improved overall well-being, improving organizational health.


Participant Qualifications

$2,950 value per leader. 
EIM+ will sponsor 25 participants to attend the beta cohort.
Deadline: December 22nd.

​Individual leaders are welcome to apply. However, if you are an organization wanting to enroll leaders in CONVOshop Beta, you must register a minimum of two to a maximum of five leaders. Each leader must personally apply and meet the below requirements to qualify.

  • Be a leader within an organization who manages a team of three or more people.

  • Have a willingness to be vulnerable, open-minded, and introspective.

  • MUST be able to attend all sessions:

    • Sessions are held for four weeks, beginning January 24th and ending February 16th,  on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM - 11:30 AM EST.

  • Actively participate in discussions and fully complete exercises and surveys.


Your information is private. We do not sell or share any information provided to us.

What are you hoping to gain from attending CONVOshop Beta?

Thanks for applying!
You'll hear from us once your application has been reviewed and the deadline for applicants has closed.